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Women’s Skills Development Organization

Bron Moving bag

Bron Moving bag

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This small flat bottomed handbag is an ideal purse and phone size when you wish to travel light. 

Or if you like to knit like my sister Bron, then it is ideal for keeping your current knitting project in when you want to take it out with you.

We also have the larger size if your knitting project is not so small! (look up Bron moving bag large)

16cm x 30cm x 14cm

Assorted colours

Hand loomed cotton

Womens Skills Development Organisation


The Women’s Skills Development Organization (WSDO) is a non-profit Fair Trade organisation that has been working since 1975 to empower women who face difficult and significant social and economic hardships—being differently abled, abused, widowed, divorced, single, orphaned or of marginalised castes.

As a Fair Trade organisation, WSDO ensures fair wages and production processes that minimise environmental impacts by using local and raw materials along with eco-friendly dyes.

WSDO is dedicated to beautiful, stylish items that are made ethically and responsibly. Our products are traditional and craft-based yet with a contemporary touch. We make the finest quality handwoven and handmade products using 100% cotton imported from India (mostly from fair trade raw material, but also from non-fair trade suppliers who are from disadvantaged and economically challenged backgrounds) and allo wool from nettle growing in the foothills of the Himalayas.

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