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Eco Max

Eco Max Dish Kitchen Pot Scrubber

Eco Max Dish Kitchen Pot Scrubber

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Replace your nylon pot scourer with a biodegradable, zero-waste, and vegan-friendly coconut fiber scrubber.

The natural bristles get into all those hard to clean spots and it won't scratch enamelware.  Coconut fiber is naturally anti-bacterial so it won't become smelly, greasy or mouldy, and is chemical-free, long-lasting and had no micro plastics so doesn't pollute our waterways. 

Simply rinse and allow dry in the sun.

Pack of 2 scrubbers.

Fair Trade certified.

Eco Max is an eco-friendly range of Body, Kitchen and Household brushes that are entirely handmade utilizing natural plant fibres and sustainable timbers. The brushes are registered by The Vegan Society, are Fair Trade and biodegradable, so safe for all the family and the planet.

We believe that the choices you make create the world you want to live in.

Join us today for a ZERO WASTE tomorrow🌱

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