Partners and Brands

At Create Fair Trade, we source many of our goods from Fair Trade organisations, start-up co-operatives and small groups endeavouring to practice the Fair Trade principals but without the means to obtain a guarantee. We have expanded our range to include ethical and Fair Trade accredited products.

Create Fair Trade supports grass roots small producers to stay sustainable and encourage them to practice fair trade principals. We are committed to developing long-term relationships with these groups so the dialogue about fair working conditions can continue.

Read more about some of our suppliers:

Natural Fiber Nepal

Natural Fiber Nepal is a Kathmandu based company and was established by Santosh Karki. Santosh undertook training at Rolpa where he learnt how to weave with natural fibre and after being inspired by the field, set up his own business to empower other entrepreneurs. 

Natural Fiber regularly trains women in weaving, hand stitching, knotting, knitting and customisation to help bring them to economic independence. Natural Fiber contributes 10% of their profits to the basic necessities and education of their staff's children.

Women's Skills Development Organisation (WSDO)

A Nepalese organisation focused on creating and sustaining employment opportunities for women to become financially independent. WSDO enables marginalised women to learn and develop new skills related to making handicrafts, transforming their lives and communities.

NLT from Nepal

The Nepal Leprosy Trust (NLT) provides services to people affected by leprosy in Nepal. NLT has worked for over 42 years in Nepal, partnering with the government and other organisations to provide medical treatment, social education and village development projects.

NLT built and operates the only major leprosy services centre in southeast Nepal, where the prevalence of leprosy is among the highest in the country.

In addition to this, NLT has a workshop in Kathmandu that produces high quality products using leather, cloth, felt and batik. This workshop provides employment for people marginalised by leprosy, disability, and other causes, and has been producing for over 30 years.

Small Producers from Nepal

At Create Fair Trade, we work with a number of small producers groups across Nepal to source ethically-made products. We maintain relationships with each of these to ensure ethical practices are maintained including fair wages, working conditions, and supporting marginalised people.


Karma East

An Australian-based business focusing on ethically sourced clothing, accessories and homewares crafted by village people and ethnic minorities in India and Thailand. Karma East clothing embraces traditional handicrafts and natural and sustainable fibres, with a heavy emphasis on hand-dyed cottons, hand-printed fabrics, and hand embroidery.

San Marco

An Australian-owned label specialising in artisan jewellery, ethically sourced and handcrafted in Mexico by the Gomez family. Each piece is intricately created from miniature flowers which are hand-picked from their garden, dried and designed with Sterling Silver casing into beautiful unique works of art.

Inside Africa

Committed to sourcing unique, quality products and supporting the communities who craft them, Inside Africa is Australia largest importer of quality African goods including bolga baskets, arts, instruments, and jewellery.

La Sierra

Created using Alpaca, one of the most sustainable fibres on the planet, La Sierra’s pieces are handcrafted with traditional methods by Indigenous artisans in Ecuador and Peru. La Sierra follows fair trade principles, enabling artisan communities to make a sustainable living for their families.

Apple Green Duck

Aiming to break the consumer habit of single use plastic bags and switch to reusable and recyclable alternatives, Apple Green Duck is an innovative range of funky reusable shopping bags.

Using sustainable vegetable fibres to create beautiful natural alternatives that replace plastics in the home, Import Ants supports ethical manufacturing in Fair Trade communities in Sri Lanka.

Possi Tees

Beautiful, high-quality t-shirts displaying simple, positive and powerful messages of hope and positivity to inspire and also serve as a reminder for those that wear them that they matter. Australian inspired and designed.


A social enterprise in Peru that specialises in quality Fair Trade products, each carrying the name of the woman who made it. These products create dignified work for the female artisans, and the immediate opportunity to support themselves and their family.


Working with small family-based suppliers, Ombak draws inspiration from Indonesia and Thailand to produce beautiful and bright women’s clothing. Ombak is passionate about paying fair wages, ensuring safe and friendly work environments, and absolutely no child labour.

Mojo Candle Company

Mojo Candle Co. is about refined design coupled with a passion for the planet. We believe you don’t have to sacrifice style to live a sustainable life.

The Mojo team, including founders Monty and Jo (the ‘Mo’ and ‘Jo’ in ‘Mojo’), create each candle and diffuser in the beautiful Southern Highlands of NSW. The vessels are hand-cut from reclaimed wine and beer bottles, filled with natural soy wax infused with modern, sophisticated fragrances and topped with sustainable cork stoppers. We partner with local wineries, restaurants and bars like Bendooley Estate in Berrima and Mittagong’s Artemis Wines to collect bottles that would otherwise be discarded, which we transform into something truly beautiful.

Our range is crafted from a simple, artisanal process which makes each candle wonderfully unique.

Billy Goat Designs

Through their long-established relationships with leather suppliers in India, Billy Goat Designs is Australia’s leading supplier of handmade goat and buffalo leather products.

Kingston Grange

Kingston Grange is a small family owned and operated business, they have been in the manufacturing industry for over 40yrs. Their main focus is, producing stylish garments that are comfortable to wear. They have been specialising in bamboo fibre clothing for 15yrs and love how luxuriously soft and breathable it is.

They pride themselves on knowing where their garments are coming from and how they are made. Between the family members they have visited many of the manufacturing steps including factories, with the Bamboo Sea being their highlight. The Bamboo Sea is where their bamboo is grown/ harvested and is a 42 square km forest (sea) of certified organically grown bamboo. One of the many benefits of bamboo is it requires very little water and is antifungal so requires no pesticides to grow to maturity.

Over the 15yrs they have developed a very close relationship with their suppliers and when they visit them, they tour different stages of the manufacturing process. With these site visits, in conjunction with compliance certificates, the family are satisfied that the ethical standards are met in the process of making these amazing garments.

Kingston Grange have many different styles and colours but are honoured to collaborate with artists from Warlukurlangu Artists Aboriginal Corporation to bring their dreamtime paintings to life in their garments. These are a growing section in their range with royalties being paid to the artist.

Stuart and Olivia Grange from Kingston Grange provide ethical and sustainable products to all consumers.